Woodblock print Sea Route by Sekka Kamisaka / no.1826

by 美術書出版 株式会社芸艸堂


A handrail woodblock book that shines with craftsmanship.

A collection of designs published by Kanzaka Sekka as one of her European reports after returning to Japan from her half-year tour of European crafts from 1909 to 1900.

Various ocean waves that have been simplified to the limit are expressed in a variety of colors with exquisite balance and color scheme. Includes 97 waves such as arabesque patterns, fuchsia patterns, mosaic patterns, and paisley patterns from Seigaiha.

Using the woodblocks of the time published in 1902, It has been reissued after 85 years. All woodblock prints are carefully printed one by one on Echizen Japanese paper. The binding is also done by hand, one by one.

* Yukika Kamisaka / 1866-1942
Born in Kyoto, his real name is Yoshitaka. He studied under Mizuhiko Suzuki of the Shijo school, and later entered the school of Kishi Koubou to study design. A painter of the Koetsu Korin school, he produced original drawings for craft works such as lacquerware and textiles, as well as interior decoration, and published numerous collections of designs.

Sekka traveled around Europe and incorporated Art Nouveau styles into her works, which were highly praised in Europe and the United States as someone who pioneered a unique style. In addition, he gave light to modern crafts in Japan and contributed greatly to the subsequent development. Even today, his work is highly acclaimed, especially in Europe and the United States, and is featured on the cover and first 12 pages of Le Monde Hermès No. 38 . Sekka's works are still alive with a world of novel design beauty that even today's leading brands are fascinated by.

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Sea Route by Yukika Kamisaka

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Multicolor woodblock printing, woodblock cover, cloth case, cardboard box

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36.5×24.5cm 44 pages

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