Souvenirs/custom-made special orders

◯ We accept proposals for souvenirs, etc.

At the MOCAD ONLINE SHOP (Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts/Kyoto Industrial Promotion Center Co., Ltd.), we accept special orders such as souvenirs and made-to-order products with academic society logos and company logos on traditional Kyoto products. Please feel free to contact us using the form below.

◯Information on Kyoto-style MICE holding support system

Subsidies may be applied when traditional Kyoto industrial products are used as souvenirs at international conferences (MICE) held in Kyoto City.

Inquiries about Kyoto-style MICE hosting support system
( Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) Kyoto Convention and Cultural Exchange Bureau
MICE Attraction Promotion Section/Holding Support Section
TEL : 075-353-3053
E-mail :

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