Kiseru brass line carving square Genke / no.2716

by 谷川清次郎商店


Items that symbolize Japan's "smart" culture

The bamboo pipe part has a pattern by baking. It is also called tortoiseshell bamboo because it looks like tortoiseshell.
The entire metal part is made of brass, and the handle of line is crafted. Recommended for those who like the dullness of brass.

In Japan, from the Edo period to the early Showa period, smoking pipes were commonly used.
In the Edo period, it was one of the few luxury goods for people, and it was widely popular in familiar social occasions, such as enjoying conversation while blowing a dress between work, and was used as a tool for entertaining guests.

With love as a tool, you can enjoy tobacco while enjoying conversation.
Even now, there are many people who are fascinated by the history and the beauty of craftsmanship as a symbol of Japan's "smart" culture, and there are enthusiasts.

Fill the grate with shredded tobacco, arrange by hand, and light the fire.
Sometimes, while taking care of it so that it can be smoked deliciously
Even if it's not as casual as a cigarette
Take your time and enjoy the taste and aroma.
“Kiseru” has always been a luxury item for adults.


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| Contents |
Brass line carving square Genke
Pattern: line
Bamboo tube part: tortoiseshell bamboo (fake tortoiseshell)
With bag case: blue

| Materials |

| Actual size |
Total length about 20.5cm
About 9 mm in diameter of Rau bamboo

| Package |
OPP bag

| Cleaning method and handling precautions |
Frequent cleaning will prolong the life of your smoke pipe. It is recommended that people who smoke a lot should replace the bamboo pipe every six months, and people who smoke occasionally should replace it every year. Regarding maintenance such as replacement of bamboo pipes, we will accept it at Seijiro Tanigawa, the manufacturer. Please contact the contact information included with the main unit.

We do not sell chopped rice “Koiki”. If you wish, please purchase at a tobacco specialty store.

| About delivery date |
If in stock: Ships within 7 days If not in stock:

Please check before ordering

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