Kasumi-me Negoro square tray / no.0232

by 石川漆工房


The elegant and vivid vermilion color of the Kasumi-me Negoro square tray is captivating

This square tray has a unique texture and a rich flavor.
"Negoro-nuri" is a technique that is said to have originated from a monk at Negoro-ji Temple in northern Wakayama Prefecture, for lacquerware used within the temple. A black coat is first applied over with a layer of vermilion, and over the years the vermilion wears off in places, revealing the black underneath, creating an interesting pattern. The more you use it, the more character it acquires, and another key point is that dirt and scratches are less noticeable.

Your table will look more festive if you serve sweets or hors d'oeuvres on it.
The simple design, which is made up of straight lines, has no unnecessary elements and effectively shows off the items inside. It's a great choice for any occasion.

| Product name |
Kasumi-me Negoro Square Tray

| Material |
Japanese cypress, plywood, urethane and cashew

| Actual size |
Length 19 x width 19 x thickness 2.1 cm

| About delivery date |
If in stock: Will ship within 7 days.

| Create |
Ishikawa Lacquer Studio Co., Ltd.

| Features |
This tray can also be used as a serving tray. The surface of the bottom is textured with a hegi pattern and finished with Negoro lacquer. The soft finish gives it a relaxed feel that makes it suitable for everyday use.

| Care instructions and handling precautions |
As this is a wooden product, it cannot be put into a dishwasher or dryer. There is nothing else to take special care of, but after use, wash it with lukewarm water, and if there is something on the dish that is difficult to remove, do not wipe it vigorously, but once it has come off, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If you are concerned about oil stains, wash it with a neutral detergent.

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