Kazunori Oval Box Brass・Seigaiha

by 錺金具竹内 / 株式会社竹内


Decorating and Aging, Fun for Adults

This is an oval box made by making use of the technique of metal fittings.
It imitates the shape of the shaker box that was born in the United States.
Copper and brass, which are materials, have antibacterial effects, and a unique texture is born over time, so you can enjoy the pleasure of changing over time to your own taste.
I play an active part as stylish interior with the presence.
For more than 50 years in Kyoto, we have accumulated the reliable technology and experience of making metal fittings that decorate Buddhist altars and shrines and temples, and we have also introduced the power of machinery.

| Materials |

| Actual size |
(Approx.) Length 149 x Width 220 x Height 85 mm Brass: 900g

| Package |
paper box

| About delivery date |
If in stock: We will respond on the same day.
If there is no stock: Please wait for about 2 months.

| Cleaning method and handling precautions |
・If you are concerned about discoloration due to aging, you can restore the original shine by polishing with a commercially available metal polishing agent (metal polish, etc.).
・If you want to remove the patina, apply a solution of household vinegar mixed with the same amount of salt to the cloth and polish it. After that, wash it off with water and wipe it dry. This will help you get rid of it to some extent, but it may not completely.
・This product is not painted so that you can enjoy the aging of the copper and brass materials, so please be aware that the color will change over time. Fingerprints may stand out especially on copper, but the overall color will become more subdued over time.
・There may be fine scratches, stains, color unevenness, rubbing, spots, etc.

Please check before ordering

-About colors and images-

We strive to reproduce the real thing as much as possible, but there may be slight differences in color tone depending on your monitor.

-Cancellation, returns and exchanges-

If you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, or if the product is damaged, we will accept a return or exchange if you contact us within 7 days. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for any other reason.

When the product arrives, please check the product first.

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