Keicolor Azuma bag / no.1516

by ケイコロール


Keikororu is a brand born from a mixture of 100,000 stencil Yuzen pattern papers accumulated in the production of stage costumes at the Yamamoto Dyeing Factory, which was founded in 1930 , and Keiko Yamamoto's sensibility and technology.

Patterns that have been used in the production of historical stage costumes are randomly arranged on the fabric in the same number as the number of colors. Colors fade, protrude, and bleed, and the composition of patterns and overlapping colors are never the same.

The azuma bag can be folded into a compact size as well as for short trips, so if you always keep it in your bag, it will be convenient as a second bag when you have more luggage.

Also, since it is made of soft tenugui fabric, it is very suitable for clothes bags. When traveling to hot springs, it is convenient to change clothes and carry it to the public bath. It also goes well with a yukata at a hot spring.


| Product name |
Keikororu Azuma bag

| Variations |
Striped herring vermilion

| Materials |
Tenugui fabric woven in Senshu, Osaka ( 100 % cotton)

| Actual size |
About 45 cm x about 46 cm
* There may be some individual differences in size.

| Cleaning method and handling precautions |
・You can wash it in a washing machine.
・Do not soak and wash as the color will fade easily.
・Do not use fluorescent whitening agents.
・Do not leave it wet.
・Do not use a dryer.

| About delivery date |
If there is stock: We will respond on the same day.

*Keiko roll is randomly dyed with many colors and patterns on 10 meters of cloth.

Please check before ordering

-About colors and images-

We strive to reproduce the real thing as much as possible, but there may be slight differences in color tone depending on your monitor.

-Cancellation, returns and exchanges-

If you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, or if the product is damaged, we will accept a return or exchange if you contact us within 7 days. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for any other reason.

When the product arrives, please check the product first.

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