Kouson Kiln

"Chawanzaka" is a street lined with Kiyomizu ware kilns. Halfway up the slope is Koson Kiln, a kiln with over 100 years of history that was opened in 1915 (Taisho 4) by the founder, Eijiro Hayashi.
By inheriting and pursuing the techniques of the white porcelain and celadon porcelain that represent Kouson Kiln, they have developed into the simple works that are unique to Kouson Kiln today.
In order to further blaze a trail in tradition, he creates works that incorporate new life.

*Fujingaho Digital [Vol. 29: The Present State of Kiyomizu-yaki]
The unique chrysanthemum pattern * The future of Kiyomizu ware
-Yuko Hayashi, Kouson Kiln-