Nishijin Woven Design Foil Sakura Octagonal Chopsticks/Light Purple Short no.0987-7

by nobegane / 楽芸工房


The brilliance of foil that enriches our lives

Chopsticks made by leaf craftsmen of Kyoto's traditional craft "Nishijin textile". It is characterized by coloring and patterning using the production technique of “Hikihaku”, which is a characteristic of Nishijin brocade.

In addition, the extremely rare metal foil that has been handed down from generation to generation will become more attractive with each use, and you can enjoy the change over time as if you were wearing denim.

With this thought in mind, we strive to create chopsticks that can be used with care for a long time.

Gold, silver, and colored foil change their expression depending on the light source and angle. Why don't you try to incorporate the splendor of Nishijin ori, which is also called "a work of art to wear", into your daily life?

It has a light purple pattern.

| Product name |
Sakura Octagonal Chopsticks

| Size |

| Materials |
Natural wood (cherry blossom), metal foil, lacquer, urethane paint

| Cleaning method and handling precautions |
・After use, wash with hot or cold water and wipe with a soft cloth.
・Store out of direct sunlight as it may deform or discolor.
・Avoid using a scrubbing brush or polishing powder.
・This product uses metal foil. The color may change due to moisture and dirt such as sweat on your hands, ultraviolet rays and atmospheric substances, but we hope you will enjoy the texture of metal that changes over time.
・Due to the nature of the coating, please avoid using near fire or boiling water.
・Avoid using a dishwasher, dryer, or microwave.
・Because the tip of the chopsticks is tapered, please keep them out of reach of children and be careful not to misuse them when using them.
・On rare occasions, the paint (lacquer) may cause a rash depending on your constitution.
・Avoid using this product for anything other than chopsticks.

| About delivery date |
If there is stock: We will respond on the same day.
If there is no stock: We will make it after receiving your order, so it will take about 1 month.

| Others |
Since each product is handmade, the color may differ from the photo.

Please check before ordering

-About colors and images-

We strive to reproduce the real thing as much as possible, but there may be slight differences in color tone depending on your monitor.

-Cancellation, returns and exchanges-

If you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, or if the product is damaged, we will accept a return or exchange if you contact us within 7 days. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for any other reason.

When the product arrives, please check the product first.

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