Kyo-to-ningyo (Kyoto pottery dolls)

Kyoto dolls are unglazed dolls made in Kyoto. Originally, Fushimi dolls are the starting point. In the past, it was included in the general term “Kyoto dolls” along with dolls made of other materials, but in 1957 it was named “Kyoto dolls”.

Unglazed dolls are made from clay, dried, fired at a low temperature of about 850°C, and then colored with pigments. It has a taste.

Since it is mainly produced in a large variety and in small quantities, the shapes that are made are diverse. Hina dolls that wish for the healthy growth of children, May festivals, historical customs, graceful period items based on the culture of the dynasty, Gosho dolls and other children's items that express the loveliness of infants, yearbooks The earthen bells are popular for their rich tones, shapes, and colors.