Musou Basket Flower 6th Edition (Large)/no.0353

by 京都竹工房 ゆうすい


Elegant and detailed knitting patterns that will leave you sighing

This basket is made entirely by hand, from the making of the higo (bamboo into small sticks), which is the material. Since one bottom weave is sandwiched between two loop weaves, the glossy bamboo skin can be seen both inside and out, making it beautiful and easy to care for.

This bottom knitting is called flower muttsum knitting, and the point is that it looks like a small flower pattern. The carefully woven delicate stitches are pretty and elegant. The sides are donut-shaped with gentle curves, and although they are made of bamboo, they are smooth and won't hurt your hands.

Not only can it be used as a basket to hold sweets and fruits, but it can also be used as an interior decoration in your room. You can put a saucer inside and use it as a flower vase. One of the pleasures is that it gradually changes to amber color as it ages.
In addition, bamboo grows very quickly, so bamboo crafts are also eco-friendly products.

Product specifications
Product name Musou Basket Flower 6th Edition (Large)
item bamboo basket
pattern/color/shape Bottom: Hana Mutsume Hen Body: Arc Hen
material Bamboo (Madake)
actual size Approximately 24cm in diameter x 7.5cm in height
About delivery date It will take about 2 weeks. (In the case of large orders, please consult us.)
business name Kyoto Bamboo Studio Yusui
feature The material is domestic Madake. The oil is removed by a wet method (draining water), and bamboo dried in the sun is used. Also known as sarashitake. It features a round form that makes use of the shiny bamboo skin unique to this bleached bamboo. Due to the weaving method in which the bottom is sandwiched between two arc-shaped weaves, the inside and outside of the basket is made of bamboo, making it not only beautiful, but also practical and easy to care for. The bottom knitted flower hexagon is a popular knitting method that looks like a small flower pattern. In addition, bleached bamboo becomes a tasteful amber color over the years.
Care method ・
Handling precautions
For daily care, wipe with a dry cloth or a tightly wrung cloth.
Please avoid washing with water. If it remains wet, it may cause mold or darkening, so if it gets wet, wipe off the moisture well and dry it in a well-ventilated place.
others -

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