Kyoto Fan Sports / no.1223

by 小丸屋住井


Thinking about what it would be like if there were modern sports in the Edo period, he created a Kyoto fan. Travel back in time to the Edo period with a Kyoto fan, one of Kyoto's summer traditions. We hope that you will enjoy this work while expanding your creativity.

・The motif of the skateboard background is "Bishu Fujimihara" from Hokusai Katsushika's "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji". It is also called "Okeya no Fuji". It depicts Fujimihara, a suburb of present-day Nagoya City in Aichi Prefecture. Was this skateboarding park made by that okeya?

・The motif of the surfing background is "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" from Hokusai Katsushika's "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji". It is said that this is a view of Mt. Fuji from off Honmoku, Yokohama.

・Various ball games: basketball, handball, badminton, tennis, volleyball. Not only can you hear the players' expressions and dynamism, but you can also hear the cheers of the spectators cheering them on. What kind of support did you give to the players at that time?

Speaking of strength at that time, it was still a sumo wrestler. Did such wrestlers participate in their own test of strength apart from sumo wrestling? By the way, the motif of the sumo wrestler in the work is Yoshihide Asahina Saburo, a popular kabuki character in the Edo period. He is portrayed as a very brave Sengoku warlord.

・Rugby kemari has been popular in the Imperial court since the Heian period, and during the Kamakura period, it was popular among the samurai class. As a form of kemari, rugby may have been nurtured and played in court culture.

| Variations |
Skateboarding / surfing / various ball games / weightlifting / rugby

| Contents |
Fan stand with sachet Back: Plain white

| Materials |
Bamboo, Japanese paper, etc.

| Actual size |
Komaruya type length about 27cm width 28cm length about 41.5cm

| Package |
paper box

| Cleaning method and handling precautions |
When storing, dust off the product and put it in a box, and avoid storing it in a hot and humid place as much as possible.

| About delivery date |
In Stock: Ships within 7 days.

| Others |
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