Heian Shoki

by 浅田製瓦工場


The symbol of Kyomachiya

The tiled “Shoki-san” is placed on the roof of a Kyomachiya.
This Heian Shoki is often seen in the streets of Kyoto.

Legend has it that in the Tang Dynasty, Zhong Kui, a priest of Zhongnan Mountain, appeared in Emperor Xuanzong's dream and exorcised evil spirits and cured his illness.
At the end of the year in China, there are still places where the image is put up at the entrance as a talisman, but in Japan, since the Muromachi period, pictures of banners and dolls have been made to ward off evil, associated with the Boys' Festival. I have been exorcised.

The Asada Kawara Factory is one of the few studios that still does all of these processes by hand, from making the clay that Shoki uses, making the base, molding, polishing, and firing.

With a slightly averted line of sight, glares, and a sword in his right hand, it can be used as a majestic and magnificent interior decoration.
The unique texture of oxidized silver and the dignified beauty are the result of the painstaking work of a craftsman.

■ Product specifications
Product name Heian Shoki
item Zhong Kui
color/shape oxidized silver
material clay (roof tile)
actual size 18 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm (height x width x depth)
About delivery date If it is not in stock, it will take 2-3 months to produce.
business name Asada Tile Factory
feature Shoki wears a black crown, opens his eyes, has a splendid beard, wears a robe, boots, and holds a sword in his right hand.
Care method ・
Handling precautions
Washable. Please note that it is fragile. Please handle with care not to touch it with bare hands, as fingerprints and other oils are likely to stick to it.
others As each item is handmade, the size may vary slightly.
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Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts Kyoto Kawara

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