Octagonal lacquered chopsticks white bamboo / sesame bamboo

by 高野竹工株式会社


Octagonal chopsticks that fit comfortably in your hand

The corners of the squared bamboo were carefully removed and carved into an auspicious octagonal shape.

When you hold it, the corners are gentle and it feels soft on your fingers, and the octagonal tip makes it easy to grab things and prevent slipping.

Slender yet flexible and strong, it can be used for a long time.

These chopsticks are popular as gifts.

| Product name |
Octagonal lacquer chopsticks

| Materials |
bamboo, lacquer

| Actual size |
225mm or 240mm length
Thickness Tip 1.8mm Handle Approx. 8mm

| Paper package size |
Width/Depth/Height 39x260x20cm

| About delivery date |
If in stock: We will deliver within 7 days If there is no stock: It may take about 1 month

| Handling Precautions |
If you soak it in water for a long time, it may cause deformation or mold. Please note that it cannot be used in a dishwasher or dryer.

Please check before ordering

-About colors and images-

We strive to reproduce the real thing as much as possible, but there may be slight differences in color tone depending on your monitor.

-Cancellation, returns and exchanges-

If you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, or if the product is damaged, we will accept a return or exchange if you contact us within 7 days. We cannot accept returns or exchanges for any other reason.

When the product arrives, please check the product first.

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