Asagi bowl /no.1194-1195

by アサギ椀プロジェクト


A thin, light, gentle, and beautiful bowl Renewing the vessel, which has the beauty unique to Kyoto and is loved as the "everyday bowl"

The “Asagi Bowl Project” was launched by craftsmen involved in lacquerware in order to face the challenges surrounding Kyoto lacquerware.

Based on the words of Mr. Gonroku Matsuda, a Living National Treasure, that a bowl is only lacquered, the base of the Asagi bowl is finished with a lacquered base.

The lacquered base is different from the conventional honkataji, the base is simply layered with unrefined lacquer on top of the wooden base of the bowl. Apply 3 to 5 coats of lacquer, apply an intermediate coat, and then apply a top coat. Since nothing other than wood and lacquer is included in the lacquer, there is little chipping or peeling, making it the perfect base for everyday lacquerware.

However, there is a weak point, and since it is not upholstered, there is a risk of it breaking if dropped. But lacquerware can be repaired and can be repaired over and over again. Lacquerware made of 100% natural materials is expensive, but it will enrich your dining table.

| Materials |
Keihoku cypress and lacquer

| Actual size |
Large Diameter 127mm x Height 80mm Weight 70g
Medium diameter 119mm × height 73mm Weight 60g

| Package |
paper box

| Handling Precautions |
Never use a microwave oven, dishwasher or dryer.

| About delivery date |

*This product is sold by sharing inventory with the store.
Although we strive to manage inventory, inventory is constantly changing, so it may be out of stock at the time you place your order. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If there is no stock, it will be produced after receiving an order, so it will take about 2 months.

Please check before ordering

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We strive to reproduce the real thing as much as possible, but there may be slight differences in color tone depending on your monitor.

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