Order flow

STEP1 - Add the product to the "shopping basket"

*If you would like to use gift wrapping, please check ☑ in the "Use gift wrapping" box.
*If you would like Noshi instead of Mizuhiki decoration, please fill in the details in the "Remarks" column.
・ (Writing) Marriage celebration / (Name writing) Taro Yamada
・(Written name) Thank you/(Written name) Tanaka [Bow knot with Uchinoshi]... etc.
* For more information on gift wrapping, please click here.

STEP2 - Click "Proceed to Checkout" in the shopping cart

STEP3 - Enter the order information on the "Orderer Information" screen and click "Next"

STEP4 - Select the payment method and shipping method on the "Select payment and shipping method" selection screen

STEP5 ― Completion of order

Shopify's system will automatically send you a confirmation email.

STEP6 ― Send an "order confirmation email" from the person in charge of receiving orders

*Your order will be confirmed when the order confirmation email is sent.