gift wrapping

MOCAD ONLINE SHOP offers gift wrapping for a fee. Please use it as a gift for your loved ones.

(In order to protect the environment, simple packaging will be used unless otherwise specified.)

About gift correspondence

Wrapping correspondence

There are two types of wrapping: paper bag and wrapping paper.
(* We will correspond depending on the size of the product)

Noshi correspondence

You can choose Noshi from "Bow knot", "Knot knot" and "Knot knot for mourning".

Name can be written

We also accept instructions for filling in your name, inner Noshi, and outer Noshi.

Gift wrapping service (charged)

・ Wrapping paper + mizuhiki decoration + shopper bag ¥ 100 (tax included)

It will be carefully wrapped with the original wrapping paper.
*Products not included in the box may differ from the image.


If you are bringing the gift to the recipient (if the delivery address is the same as the person who ordered it), we will also prepare a carrier bag of a size that matches the product.

  • The product will be shipped together without being put in a carrier bag.
  • The carrier bag may be folded before shipping. Please note.


Mokado Online Shop 's Noshi service offers the following three types for free.
If you would like Noshi, please specify the details in the "Remarks" column.

  • bow

    It is used for every celebration that you want to repeat over and over again.
    Example) birthdays, baby gifts, etc.

  • knot cutting

    Because the knot is not easily untied, it is used for things that should be done only once.
    Example) wedding gifts, etc.

  • one letter

    For products that are put in a long and narrow box, such as folding fans, we will hang a red one-letter noshi.

  • knot (yellow-white)

    It is generally used for funerals such as Buddhist memorial services.
    Kyoto specialty store "Miyabi" prepares "musubi kiri (yellow and white)" based on Kyoto.
    If you would like to cut the knot (black and white), please let us know in the remarks column.

Noshi example

  1. 1 table:
    You can specify the notation.
  2. 2 Name:
    You can specify the name of the giver.

Please specify your request such as noshi (noshi) or "no mizuhiki, only paper wrapping" in the remarks column when ordering.

At the time of ordering, select "Use gift wrapping" ☑,
In the remarks column, please write "Soto no Shi / Uchi no Shi", writing (thank you, family celebration, midyear gift, Kotobuki, etc.) and the name of the giver (if you want to include your name).

  • Soto-no-shi (outside the wrapping paper), Ino-no-shi (inside the wrapping paper)
  • If the names of the givers are joint names, they will be written vertically from the right in the order in which they were written.
  • When using Noshi, please be sure to specify "Outside/Inside".
  • Please refer to the following for how to select the specifications (outside / inside).
    Soto-no-shi is often used when you want to make the gift recognizable, when you want to make it stand out, and when you want to make it stand out, and when you want to make it discreet, so-to-no-shi.
    Note that the meaning may differ depending on the region.

About the joint name of the invoice

If the orderer and recipient are different, the sender name on the invoice is changed to the orderer's name. At that time, you can change the sender's name to a couple's joint name or a family member, so please specify it in the remarks column.